10 Cool Home Decor Ideas

Home decorating reflects an individuals philosophy, values and love of beauty. From wall decals, candles to accents these top 10 home decorating ideas are sure to give new life in your home. Home decorating draws on a long and rich tradition. From the highly expansive architectural and decorative art the ancient Romans used straight into your living room, transform your home with decor that reflects your style. These incredible products are sure to eco this. Decorating your home is a consecutive art form that reflects your personal style. Get inspired to decorate your home today.

10. Banner Retro 2

This beautiful Banner Wall Decal was crafted for the latest trend in interior decorating. Available in several colors this wall decal made of premium quality, extensively tested and adhere’s on plaster, glass, tiles, wood plastics and other clear and grease free surfaces.

9. Pomegranate Aroma Spray

Lakeshore candles just added aromatic room spray to their extensive line of amazing high quality candles. Pomegranate room spray is sure to put you in a good mode.

8. Luxury Bamboo Towel Sets

Available in many colors these bamboo towel sets by Pure Fiber are hypo allergenic and odor resistant. The complete set includes a wash towel, hand towel and bath towel. Showers will become a scared ritual.

7. Duvet Covers by Pure Fiber

Pure Fiber has an amazing line of bamboo duvet covers. Made of 100% bamboo at 250 thread count these luxurious sheets are available in queen and Cali king beautiful grey, pure white and dreamy blue.

6. Silk Pillow Cases

Complete your bedding collection with essential elements pillow cases. Lay your head on silk filled pillow cases by KumiKooKoon and get some of the best sleep ever.

5. Bamboo Throws & Blankets

No room is complete with out throws and blankets. Pure Fiber has a great selection of light weight classic bamboo throws that are available in bold colors like mustard, cranberry, plum or in horizontal strips.

4. Pillow Cases

Nine Space has lovely pillow accents made of 100% woven Turkish cloth. The best part is the pillow covers have a barley visible zipper closure and is great for outdoor use.

2. Personalize Frames

Cherish the memory of loved ones with a fun decorated picture frame from JDS Marketing. These adorable frames are sure to add warmth to any room and make any house feel like a home.

Extending Home Decor To The Outdoors

It may not be possible to simply make yourself at home wherever you are, but you can certainly bring your life with you when you step outside into the front and back yards of your home. You can extend your home decor into your lawn and garden, making you feel at home both in and around your house. Much like an empty room in a new house, most homes have lawns that are devoid of anything resembling garden decor and seem rather dull. While there are those who simply enjoy the smells and colors of the yard, most would feel more comfortable adding garden furniture and ornaments to make it feel “furnished”.

When you moved into your home you started by customizing the home decor. You first painted the walls to be the color of your choice, modernizing it and adding your own personal touch. That provided a background from which to start, much like plants and flowers will in a garden. However, you didn’t stop at that with your home decor. You moved furniture into the room so that you could relax and sleep in the bedroom, watch television in the living room, and eat in the dining room. When looking at your garden, you won’t ever feel at home if you have to stand around all the time. Adding patio furniture of some kind can make all the difference in arranging your yard to feel like an extension of your home. It can be very simple, just a place to sit and relax, or it can be a specific style and quality that brings out your taste.

Of course, the home decor inside still wasn’t complete. You added accents to the furniture – throw pillows and rugs that matched and other such splashes of color. The same concept can be true of your garden decor. Your patio furniture can have cushions for the seats that add color to the yard, and you can set up a canopy or umbrella that shades you from the harsh sun in any color you like. If you have a grill, you can even purchase a grill cover that adds a splash of color or pattern to the yard.

Your home decor also includes accessories that make the room unique and personable for you. Perhaps you have framed photographs on a gilded coffee table, or you’ve added a nice lamp to the end table. You could have any number of decorative additions to the living room that personalize the area and let others understand your personality, taste, and style. When outfitting your yard with garden furniture and ornaments, you can do the same thing. Don’t let your flowers and vegetables be the only bits of color in your yard, You can add exciting garden decor to the area, including little statues, fountains, and other ornaments that show off your personality as well as the home decor on the interior of the home.

Don’t let your yard or garden bore you. The idea is for it to be fun and relaxing as much as it is functional. Next time you consider updating your home decor, think about adding some home decor to your lawn to help bring what is indoors outside for a greater sense of welcoming when you break out of your own home!